Our Mission

Saving Lives
One Organ at a Time.

We are a genetic engineering company in the organ transplantation space dedicated to engineering fully functional organs to end the worldwide organ shortage.


We use a combination of various  targeted immunosuppressants to ensure that our organs are fully safe and functional.


We will be able to fulfill a large demand for organs due to the scalability of our genetic engineering process.


Due to the efficiency of our strategy, we hope to democratize organs so that everyone is able to get the transplants that they need.

Organ Health

The need for organs is increasing at a staggering rate.

The need for organ transplantation has increased at a staggering rate over the past decade due to the prevalence of organ failures. Currently, there is a huge shortage in organ donors and thousands of people die each year because they are unable to get the transplants that they need.


People Are Currently On The
Waiting List To Recieve Organs


Our Strategy

Innovation Is At Our Core.

We use a modern method to create our supply of organs known as xenotransplantation. This strategy involves using genetic engineering on organs from animals, predominantly pigs, to make their organs safely transplantable to human bodies. This strategy is far more scalable and accessible then current methodologies for obtaining organ transplants and we are focused on using this technology to save countless lives.


Meet Our Team

We have a passionate team dedicated to changing lives.

Aaron Lewis

Aaron is a passionate human longevity researcher and machine learning developer. He has an affinity for learning and solving problems and is always looking to apply his knowledge to create efficient solutions. He is also the cofounder of Prospect Programs.


Adam Majmudar

Adam is an experienced machine learning developer and quantum computing and blockchain researcher. He is passionate about using modern technologies to solve problems and has helped several companies to implement AI.


Sabeeh Hassany

Sabeeh is a talented brain computer interfaces researcher who has applied his knowledge in the subject to various other endeavours. He has experience with the intersection between BCIs and artificial intelligence and is always looking for new ways to use his skills to help others.


Veda Bhattaram

Veda is a regenerative medicine researcher who has written several papers on the topic. He is also a machine learning developer. His unique areas expertise always prove to be valuable in addressing problems and creating solutions.


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